Intercorp Holdings Carbon Offset


Intercorp Holdings Starts Its Journey on the Carbon Offset Market

Intercorp Holdings is launching various initiatives to fight against global warming and severe climate changes. As forests have a significant role in catching CO2 from the atmosphere that would otherwise have a negative effect on the climate, we’re working on helping government authorities compensate for greenhouse gas emissions.  

Why forests?

Forests play a major role in maintaining a climate balance. They protect the ground from erosion from water, they guarantee a habitat for various species of plants and animals while also regulating the local climate. Thanks to the capability of capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, the EU is working on leveraging the forests’ potential as part of the uniform climate policy.

The problem

CO2 emissions are a significant contributor to climate change and widespread deforestation worldwide has a negative impact by releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, causing the temperature to rise. In turn this leads to extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels, threats to animals and plants as well as warmer oceans. 

If we don’t fight together against the negative effects of CO2 on the world’s climate, we’ll soon witness catastrophic circumstances. 

The Solution

In our efforts to combat climate change and help reduce our carbon footprint, Intercorp Holdings has already purchased an important surface of forest in Romania and will continue such acquisitions.  

We aim to inspire other organisations throughout the country to volunteer and help plant and grow young forests in remote areas. promote tree planting. There is no timber extracted from the forest that we create, they are strictly used to balance out climate conditions.