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CORPORATE Sponsorship

Helping Authors to Help our Community

Getting a book published isn’t easy. Of course, you can make an ebook and publish online, however in terms of getting the book into various libraries and shops, so that it’s available widely for others to enjoy is a completely different case. 

Because being a writer takes sacrifice and talent which often leads to financial distress or lack of necessary resources, Intercorp Holdings seeks to help writers overcome these difficulties by opening up publishing opportunities to writers whose work would otherwise be excluded. It’s these writers who often have powerful stories to share which can positively change our social mentality and attitude towards others. 


The History of the People in Lyrics (“O Istorie A Neamului In Versuri”)

Intercorp Holdings supported the author to guarantee that his message is heard by our community and worldwide.

With the occasion of celebrating 100 years from the unification of the Romanian provinces and the creation of the Romanian state, author Christian Mocanu has dedicated 10 years towards creating a masterpiece collection of poems outlining the courage, bravery and mission of the Romanian people.  

Intercorp Holdings Donations Children

Donations FOR Children

Together We Can Change More Lives

Because we believe in empowering our community for the generations to come, our team works closely with local associations and NGOs to create a positive social impact. We generate breakthrough solutions for sustainable recovery of families and children in need.  

We collaborate with our corporate partners to strategically offer supplies and resources for kids and entire families. We’re always in reach of high demand products which are essential for our donation programs including classroom supplies, school supplies, facilities supplies, furniture, food, toys.

Intercorp has supported various children and adults organisations in Romania which help children with autism or who belong to deprived communities as well as adults with disabilities.


Understanding Corporate Sponsorship Implications

Identifying the difference between a sponsorship and a donation is crucial for tax purposes.

What Is a Sponsorship?

A sponsorship involves a company making a payment and receiving a considerable benefit in return, such as displaying a logo during an event or receiving better rates or free access to the event.

What Is a Donation?

A donation involves an organisation making a payment free of any return except for an acknowledgement such as the brand being included on a list of program supporters.

Charities and Corporate Sponsorship

VAT should be paid if a charity received a corporate sponsorship, except when the sponsorship is made during a fundraising event. So, charities should include VAT charges terms into any agreement related to the performed payment.

If the sponsor can recover the VAT, it should result in a benefit for the charity as it raises the value of taxable operations. However, in the case of true donations, no VAT is charges.

So, if the donation is made additionally to the sponsorship payment, it could be outside of the taxable value, if it’s clearly provided in an agreement that the donation is outside the scope of the payment for sponsor rights.